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Do you have to do liposuction in order to do a butt lift?

The answer to this is no. Sculptra is a synthetic product that is mixed up with sterile, water and injected into the buttocks to provide moderate fullness. This is a great alternative to those individuals who do not have a lot of fat to transfer or who do not want to...

What is BBL?

Bbl stands for Brazilian butt lift. This is performed by removing fat. Typically from the stomach and waste areas in a sterile fashion and then re-injecting the fat into the buttocks. It helps lift and increase fullness in that area. Wonderful results.

What is Vaser?

Vaser is high intensity, focused, ultrasonic liposuction. It’s a wonderful technology. That offers very smooth contouring results and has demonstrated to provide skin tightening from the under surface. It actually melts the fat.